About Us

The plumbing experts at Plumbing Local have been serving your community for over 25 years. Plumbing Local has been a leader in the industry, and a name you can trust for all of your plumbing-related needs. The expert team at Plumbing Local offers both residential and commercial plumbing services, as well as emergency 24-hour service to meet every need, no matter how difficult or simple the job may be. Thousands of customers in your area rely on Plumbing Local for the top-ranked customer service and plumbing expertise in the industry. Whatever your plumbing needs may be, Plumbing Local will help you find a plumber with expertise that suits your particular situation.

Our Services Include:

Emergency 24 Hour Plumbing Service

At Plumbing Local we know how quickly plumbing issues can turn into plumbing emergencies, that’s why Plumbing Local offers emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even on weekends and holidays! When you need an emergency plumber, call 1-866-343-7199. When you contact Plumbing Local, you never have to wait; we will send a plumber to your door without delay.


If the drains in your sink, tub, or shower drains aren’t working properly, you can find yourself with a serious problem. The plumbing in your home or office functions like a circulatory system, carrying water to and from the places you need it most, but when that system isn’t working you can end up with water in places it doesn’t belong. When your drain experiences blockage, water can overflow and seep into the walls, carpeting, drywall, sub-floor areas, and even saturate your insulation and framework, causing a buildup of humidity and inviting mold. Water damage of this caliber can be one of the most difficult to remedy problems that any home or business owner must face. If you’re experiencing drain problems, call Plumbing Local at 1-866-343-7199as soon as possible!


Frozen pipes are all too common in winter, and when those pipes burst the damage can be extreme. Whether the temperature outside simply dropped too far too fast, or your pipes are improperly winterized, burst pipes can be a real problem. When water is pouring into your property at a rate of four to eight gallons a minute, there is absolutely no time to lose! Within minutes, everything nearby can become saturated, and major water leaks like that can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in the blink of an eye. The longer that water is allowed to seep in and saturate your belongings, the more time-consuming, difficult, and expensive a full restoration can be. That’s why it’s important to call 1-866-343-7199 at the first sign of trouble.


The cause of toilet leaks, blockage and overflow can be deceptively complex, involving factors that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Without the proper tools and experience, it is all too easy to make the situation worse. When you hire a professional plumber, you are gaining the benefit of their training and experience, as well as the experience and training of their entire support team. When your toilet is overflowing or leaking, there are health concerns as well. Water that has been contaminated with pathogens like bacteria and human waste can be incredibly dangerous if the proper safety measures are not taken. Hire a plumbing service technicians that has been certified by an organization like the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which is the leading authority on water damage restoration and safe cleanup procedures. An IICRC certified plumbing technician is more experienced and better able to identify, remove, and remediate Category 3 water damage safely.

Bathtubs & Showers

When something goes wrong with your bathtub or shower, Plumbing Local can help. Whether there is a problem, or you’re just looking to upgrade your environment, the plumbing technicians at Plumbing Local can help you wade through the myriad of choices and decisions involved in a refinishing or installation of a new tub or shower unit. We can unclog your tub or shower drain, as well as trace water damage and pipe leaks back to their sources. Faulty plumbing is the number one cause of leaks and overflows and improperly installed showers and bathtubs may not drain properly. An improperly sealed bathtub or shower, or even one whose sealant has declined with age, may allow water to drain into the walls or floors, causing structural damage, rot, and paving the way for a full-blown mold infestation. Whether it’s due to clogged drains, leaky plumbing, or improper installation and maintenance, one thing is for certain—you are going to need professional help.

Water Heaters

The professional team at Plumbing Local doesn’t only repair faulty or malfunctioning water heaters, we also install new ones. No matter what type of water heater you’ve chosen or inherited with the property, Plumbing Local has a service technician on staff that can help you! When you invest in regular hot water heater maintenance services, you not only increase the energy efficiency of your current water heater but extend its lifespan as well. Our plumbing technicians can ensure that your water heater is safely operating at maximum efficiency. When the time comes to replace your current water heating unit, Plumbing Local can help you with that decision as well, presenting you with the best available options, and a professional opinion about which new water heating unit will best serve your needs. If your water heating unit is acting up, don’t waste time—contact our representative right away.

Sump Pumps

If your sump pump malfunctions, it can mean a fairly serious water problem in your basement or crawl space. When you find yourself in that situation, there is no time to use. Plumbing Local will send someone out as soon as you call 1-866-343-7199, and once the issue with your sump pump has been located we will either repair or replace the unit as the situation demands. At Plumbing Local we work and train hard in order to provide you with the best solution for your situation, ever time. If your sump pump is acting up, don’t wait! Call 1-866-343-7199 right away.

Of course, the best way to avoid water damage on your property is to employ a professional team at the first sign of trouble. Our service technicians are not simply reactive, solving problems that have already occurred—we are also proactive, meaning that we will seek out and resolve potential problems before they have a chance to get worse. Call ] Plumbing Local today at 1-866-343-7199 for all your plumbing needs!